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Custom made cage nets - The difference is in the details

Everything is connected -
Cage Nets are an important part of the whole solution

If the net rips, the fish escape. It's as simple as that. To minimise the chance of that happening, nets have to be perfectly dimensioned to fit the other components. Optimal clearance; no abrasion. No unnecessary splices, knots or joins. Minimum shrinkage. Strong framing ropes. Correct and eco-friendly impregnation. Easy cleaning.




The practice of supplying over-dimensioned nets has long been standard procedure in Norway, to ensure that they still fit after several rounds of washing and cleaning. The result is nets that are too large for almost their entire working life. Over-dimensioning leads to problems such as abrasion against sinker ring supporting systems and floating collars, increasing the risk of escapes. What's more, there will be problems when underwater high-pressure washing  large nets.


  • Nets suitable for the Aqualine Midgard® System

    The Aqualine Midgard® System is an integrated net and extension system in which the sinker tube hangs directly from the baseline rope. Nets are always correctly extended and are not in contact with other parts of the net cage system.
    Net tensioning on these nets is “as good as it gets” - alleviating predation, optimizing water flow and facilitating underwater, in-situ net cleaning.

    Design is based on the following 4 principles:

    1. The total weight and rigidity of the sinker ring is directed 100% into the fish net  - to provide optimal net tensioning
    2. To provide a net requiring minimal maintenance once deployed, eliminating the potential for material fatigue, breakage, chaffing and fish escapes.
    3. The solution needed to work in even the most challenging of environment conditions
    4. To minimise net distortion - maximising rearing capacity and livestock security

    Fishnet and sinker tube
    The Aqualine Midgard® System is an integrated cage net and distension sys-tem where the sinker tube is suspended directly from the cage net. Provides the net tight, with fully open meshes and make it easier to keep the net clean.  This gives better conditions and greater prosperity for the fish.


    The winch
    A power winch system lifts and lower the sinker tube with an even synchronized operation, resulting in no need to engage boats with large lifting cranes fitted.


    The net lifting / lowering ropes are loose and independent of the rest of system without the risk coming in contact with the net and potentially causing damage


  • Nets for other designs and purposes

    We customise nets for your net cages only using certified net line.
    • For square net cages with traditional extension/weighting
    • For rings with traditional extension sinker tube or single weights
    • Conical and other shaped nets

      We set high standards for our suppliers, and only use high quality net line certified according to the NS9415 quality assurance system

    Aqualine Midgard® net


    Cylinderical net


     Square net


    Spaghetti net


    Cone net


    Combination net


    Cylinderical net with individual weights



  • Nets in all types of materials

    We can supply our nets in all types of materials.


    • Material type used since the industry started
    • Cost-effective
    • Easy to work with and repair
    • Treated with impregnating or coating for reduced fouling and easier maintenance/cleaning
    • Available in both knotted and knotless netting
    • Regarded as the standard netting material in Norway, and still used by most of our customers​
    Download Conversion table
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    • Less shrinkage than nylon
    • Heavier than nylon
    • Good UV-resistance
    • Good shape-retention
    • Treated either with impregnating or coating for reduced fouling and easier maintenance/cleaning
    • Available in both knotted and knotless netting​

    Aqualine ULTIMA

    • Netting material yarn has a very high breaking strength
    • Compared to other netting materials, lighter and lesser twine diameter for the same breaking strength
    • Netting material has a silk like feel, very durable therefore good when handling fish
    • Vulnerable to mechanical abrasion
    • Available in both knotted and knotless netting
    Utsett av Aqualine ULTIMA not til Marine Harvest Scotland

    Aqualine ULTIMA-SG

    • Extremely hard-wearing
    • Reduces risk of escape
    • Tolerates high frequency pressurized cleaning
    • Long lifetime, low service costs
    • Environment-friendly with no need for impregnation treatment or coating
    • Designed for good sinking performance
    • Provides for improved water flow than traditional netting, creating a good growing environment within the cage net
    • Less deformation and bellowing of the cage net panels when environmental forces impact
  • Midgard® Predator system

    In various global “hot spots” predators such as seals are the number one problem when it comes to farming fish
    Double net systems are not new to the aquaculture industry, however the key issue has always been in maintaining adequate separation between the predator and the fish net - and maintaining sufficient tensioning on all nets, even in most challenging environmental conditions.  
    Aqualine through its global network is very in-tune with the seal predation issue and has worked extremely hard in developing and supplying a predator net solution that works - the Midgard Predator Net solution. 

    Aqualine’s approach to identifying the Midgard® Predator Net solution was based on 5 key principles:

    1. The cage, predator and fish nets, and sinker ring, designed as one integrated cage system (strength is paramount)
    2. The solution needed to work in even the most challenging environmental conditions
    3. The solution had be fully adaptable and with capacity for customisation to suit site specifics
    4. Prior to installation all design functionality needed to be verified by  computerised simulation and analysis
    5. Complimentary operational systems required to ensure simplified handling and control of the inner fish net


    Movie of the Midgard® Predator system

  • The difference is in the details

    What makes one cage net better than another?

    What makes one cage net better than another?

    • Fish security, fish productivity and working life longevity,obviously.
    • The right type of netting material and design for the given location.
    • The choice of cage net tensioning system i.e. Midgard®,traditional sinker ring or individually weighted.
    • The choice of framing rope to provide optimal dimensioning and to minimize shrinkage.
    • The right method for securing the netting material to the framing ropes i.e. hand or machine sewn.
    • Environment-friendly impregnation or coating.
    • System for after-sales service and maintenance

    The above are all individually only minor details, but combined they take on major importance. They can mean a lot in terms of reputation and successful fish farming.


    No over-dimensioned framing rope, perfect fit from day 1 and throughout its life.





    Precise apportionment of netting material to framing rope. Less risk of breakages occurring in the lacing twine or net mesh. A high degree of locking-off the lacing twine to provide maximum security.



    Hard laid, less prone to – abrasion, stretching, shrinkage and penetration of marine growth. The framing rope is the structural skeleton of the cage net where quality and preciseness is paramount.



    Protected by heavy duty braided HDPE sleeves. Colour coded to make it easy rigging the cage net to the cage system and subsequent operational use. All spliced eyes are well protected for potential abrasion. Assists in reducing mess when deploying newly impregnated cage nets.



    Extra attachment ropes for various operational purposes can be fitted and supplied according to customer specifications.



    All cage nets supplied by Aqualine are well labelled with a unique serial number and listing the key specifications. The serial number corresponds to the NS certification number.​



    All main framing ropes in the base of the cage net are secured to a heavy
    duty stainless steel gyro. This gyro can be used for managing dead fish collectors and attaching an external centre weight.



    All hand sewn cage nets supplied by Aqualine are assembled joining the netting material to the framing ropes using double lacing twine with frequent locking-off to provide maximum security.


Aqualine Midgard System er et integrert not - og utspillingssystem der bunnringen henger direkte i notas stavtau. Nota er alltid riktig utspilt og uten kontakt med andre deler av merdsystemet. Den heves og senkes jevnt, uten punktbelastning, rykk eller gnag.
Midgard-noten beregnes og tilpasses alle lokalliteter
Vi setter høye krav til våre leverandører og benytter kun høykvalitets notlin som er sertifisert av kvalitetssikringssystemet NS9415
Vi setter høye krav til våre leverandører og benytter kun høykvalitets notlin som er sertifisert av kvalitetssikringssystemet NS9415
Ingen maskin kan sy så hardslåtte tau som vi trenger - derfor håndsys alle våre nøter.
Det er detaljene som gjør våre nøter gode. Siden bunnringen henger direkte i nota i vårt Aqualine Midgard Systemet, må tauene tåle belastningen.
Alle våre nøter er håndsydde.
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