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Marine engineering

Marine engineering

Our engineers have long experience and considerable know-how within aquaculture and offshore technology. They find the most cost-effective and safest solutions for any location.

Aqualine has extensive experience within calculations and dimensioning of marine constructions, including structural and hydrodynamic analyses for fish farm mooring, barge mooring, cages, nets and special components.

Our engineers cover a wide range of competence and knowledge on fish farming and offshore constructions. Hence, they develop the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for any location.

All evaluations take into account customers specific scope and requirements. Furtermore, all calcualtions are done according to current  regulations and standards.

  • Analyses

    The desired solutions for top quality mooring systems, nets and floating collars is found through location specific analyses.

    Aqualine has highly qualified personnel and the most advanced analysis tools within dimensioning mooring.

    We combine your experience with advanced location classification. Our software programs enable us to simulate conditions at a given locality on a stormy day. Floating collars, nets and mooring system are all modelled. We enter current and wave data for the location and then calculate the forces anchors and cages will be submitted to within the safety margins required by standard NS9415. That makes it possible to optimise the components the mooring system consists of.

    As an extra safety feature, we perform final evaluation of the finished mooring system when in place. We analyse your information and other data before submitting the final report to you.

  • Testing

    Aqualine invests considerable time and resources in testing the equipment we supply.

    We calculate how well it will tolerate collision in each and every instance.

    We then test whether theory lives up to practice! Using powerful winches, we pull and drag the floating collars, and test the entire structure plus individual parts.

    To ensure that we chose the right solutions, we work closely with your customers and perform tests in consultation with you.

  • Prosjektledelse og innflytelse

    Research and development

    Aqualine invests around 4-5% of annual turnover in product development and testing.
  • Project management and influence

    Aqualine takes joint responsibility with Åkerblå (previous Havbrukstjenesten) for the total process from idea to complete installation.

    We provide a one-stop service from the point at which you decide where you want to set up a net cage until it's ready to receive smolt. This the result of a partnership agreement between Aqualine and Åkerblå.

    The agreement means a faster, simpler process for new facilities, and a one-stop solution means significant rationalisation.

    The agreement between Åkerblå and Aqualine means we can undertake the following:

    • location surveys
    • applications to the authorities
    • project planning (analyses)
    • construction
    • delivery
    • installation of complete facility
    • all permits and approvals necessary
    • facility certificate

    We can also enter into agreements on regular servicing throughout the facility's service life.

    Aqualine has been asked to look at ways of streamlining and simplifying the process, and we are therefore proud to be able to offer such a good service with Åkerblå.

Testing in the Marintek tank at Trondheim. Tests in the tank simulate such conditions as extreme waves, current and wind.
They give detailed information on forces and movements for all parts of the net cages, so that configuration can be optimised and risk for the customer kept as low as possible.
Forskning og utvikling
The Aqualine Midgard System is the direct result of successful model testing in the Marintek tank.
We strongly believe in supplying the right and safest equipment for any location, and therefore invest substantial resources in research and development. We spend between 4 and 5% of our turnover on R&D every year.
Stivhetstest av flyterør
The photo shows rigidity testing for our floating collars.
Full scale testing of a finished net cage.
Testing av førtøyningsklamer
Capacity testing of mooring clamps.
Testing av Anker
Anchor testing. We expose our products to extreme effects to ensure that they can cope with the extreme conditions they will be exposed to.

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