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Aqualine Subsea System

Aqualine Subsea System

Aqualine Subsea System is a system that can contribute to solving salmon louse problems in the aquaculture industry. This system is environmentally friendly and contributes to improved fish welfare.
Aqualine Subsea System is a net cage with a submerged net that is based on the our  Midgard® System and that requires a slight adaptation to the existing Midgard net. An upgraded system of cages, adapted nets, sinker rings and winches has resulted in a complete submersible cage system facility.

By using a winch to submerge the net with a ‘net lid’ to 10 metres, the fish end up under the louse zone, which is usually at a depth of 10 metres. Studies and measurements have shown that the quantity of louse below this zone is reduced considerably or disappears entirely, while a new increase is avoided.