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Steinsvik Group and Aqualine – collaborating on future solutions

Before Christmas, the news of a collaboration between Steinsvik and Aqualine started to spread, and we are happy to confirm that the work is well under way.
Aqualine is a R&D cage system supplier of cages, nets and mooring systems – based on advanced analysis of the conditions at each site. Every year, the company spends around 3–5% of the turnover on research and development.

Steinsvik has a long history of developing and delivering market leading solutions, within feeding, surveillance and software – designed and engineered for use in rough conditions worldwide.

Specialists within supplementary product areas

Within their product areas, both Steinsvik and Aqualine are leading technology companies for the aquaculture industry, and they both have a strong focus on research and development. For years, they have proven to deliver robust products made to endure in demanding environments.
With both companies working on many of the same challenges, and supplying complementary products, we are convinced that a collaboration will provide synergies. Amongst other things, through the research and development with focus on innovative and even more complete solutions.


Collaboration and development

The starting point for everything we do, both together and separately, is set by the customer’s needs for more profitable solutions and the society’s need to take care of our environment. The collaboration has already started, and will be expanded and refined in the time to come.
On paper we will still be two separate companies, but together we will shape tomorrow’s aquaculture.