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Midgard Predator Nets

In various global “hot spots” predators such as seals are the number one problem when it comes to farming fish.  Double net systems are not new to the aquaculture industry, however the key issue has always been in maintaining adequate separation between the predator and the fish net - and maintaining sufficient tensioning on all nets, even in most challenging environmental conditions.   

Aqualine through its global network is very in-tune with the seal predation issue and has worked extremely hard in developing and supplying a predator net solution that works - the Midgard Predator Net solution.

Aqualine’s approach to identifying the Midgard Predator Net solution was based on 5 key principles:
  • The cage, predator and fish nets, and sinker ring, designed as one integrated cage system (strength is paramount)
  • The solution needed to work in even the most challenging environmental conditions
  • The solution had be fully adaptable and with capacity for customisation to suit site specifics
  • Prior to installation all design functionality needed to be verified by  computerised simulation and analysis
  • Complimentary operational systems required to ensure simplified handling and control of the inner fish net