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Aqualine applies for development permits

Aqualine is applying for 10 development permits for a submersible production system for salmon. Within the next few years, the Aqualine Subsea System will be ready for commercial use. After highly successful testing of the concept in the marine laboratory at SINTEF Marintek, the aim is to test the system in full scale under extreme conditions.
We are applying for the development permits under own name to develop the Aqualine Subsea System, our aim is to be able to develop and market a submersible system that will benefit the entire aquaculture industry.

By submerging the production unit to the depth required, research and experience indicate that we get under the lice belt and avoid infestation of lice on the fish. This is what we are now going to put to the test, and we hope to see other benefits from the Aqualine Subsea System.

Our calculations so far show that the system will be beneficial in terms of both investment and production, something that means all fish farmers will be able to use it.

Because the system is designed to work with the forces of nature, it can tolerate being at least just as exposed as the well-proven and secure Aqualine Midgard® System. Furthermore, the important element of protecting fish welfare will be a major factor.

This new and innovative system will also be an HSE bonus for aquaculture workers. We expect it to be a major contributor to solving the problems with lice whilst also allowing aquaculture in even more exposed areas.